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Our goals are to assist people in gaining fresh, new perspectives on their mental health. Our goal is to help you keep your "tool box" stocked with effective skills that you are excited to use consistently!


Discovering ways to live authentically is everything. We want to help you find ways to live a life that lights you up and fulfills you!


Taking time to reflect is key to raising awareness. Understanding what is called for now is important in preventing  burnout and remaining positive and productive. Our goal is to help people find time to reflect in some of the most serene yet exciting locales!!

An EndeAVOr Academy retreat is for you if…

  • You’re ready to live your big, authentic life

  • You want to learn healthy ways to cope with it all

  • You want to step up your personal and professional relationships and feel more connected

  • You’re determined to break patterns of trauma responses that hold you back

  • You’re looking for a fun and supportive community to help you thrive

  • You’re ready to set healthy boundaries without your inner voice second-guessing and over-analyzing

  • You’re exhausted from carrying your past pain

  • You want to fall in love with the truest version of yourself and finally quiet your inner critic

To understand and navigate your world, you must escape it from time to time.

Discover & embrace YOUR authentic voice at the EndeAVOr Academy’s Destination Retreats. We offer experiences that are immersive, experiential getaways designed to transform and heal YOU and your relationships and enhance your career. Did we mention there are NBCC CEs?


Join us for incredible experiences! Your presenters are licensed therapists, and coaches who will cover everything you need to know about living your big, authentic life & combating “Good Girl Syndrome.” Yes, Good Girl Syndrome can happen to ANYONE, regardless of gender.


“Good Girl Syndrome” happens when we don’t speak up about our feelings and needs, and that can limit us big time in all life areas!


We have the untapped power in expressing our feelings and needs in personal and work relationships. But that’s scary, right? 


  • What if we get rejected? 

  • What if people think we’re too demanding? 

  • What if we express our needs, and we’re ignored?


No worries. We’ve got you!

Our retreats are designed to help YOU find and express YOUR confident voice and live your big, authentic life. 


Come, find yourself during one of our retreats! Expert presenters will cover everything you need to know about recovering your voice and overcoming “Good Girl/Person Syndrome” once and for all. 


  • Find your voice. 

  • Connect with the healing beauty of nature. 

  • Bring power to your presence. 

  • Live your big, authentic life. 


The EndeAVOr Academy Retreats are transformational! 


Don’t miss this healing and inspiring event!

Add confidence and power to your life, your relationships, and your career.




Pam and Lisa
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