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Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready!

Travel Items and Tips to Make Packing and Preparing for Travel a Little Easier!

by Pamela L. Tippit, LPC-S

Over the past few years, I have done some extensive traveling for retreats both domestically and internationally. I have to say that before being a regular traveler I was that person who just threw ish in a bag and winged it. I quickly realized that this was not going to work for air travel (or really any type of travel 🙂). I am a quick study, so after a few mishaps…. think broken laptop screens, being pulled out of the TSA line for a complete and I mean complete search for having the wrong size sunscreen in my backpack, I'm here to help you avoid such a fate. These tips can mean the difference between tolerable travel and excruciating, stressful travel experiences. Travel is stressful and tiring as is, making it as seamless as possible ensures that your anxiety stays low so that you can arrive ready for whatever your trip has in store for you! Here are a few packing must-haves and lifesavers:

  1. Packing cubes: These will keep you organized when packing and create as much space as possible in your luggage.

  2. Right-sized toiletries for your carry-on: You do not want to end up having to throw away expensive, necessary facial or body toiletries because you brought the wrong size. Remember 3oz for ALL carry-on toiletries!

  3. Crossbody bags: These are a must for international travel. No bulking purses!

  4. Backpacks: I use this as my carry-on instead of a purse. So much more room! If I take a checked bag a purse will go in there.

  5. Laptop covers: After having my carry-on taken at the last minute because there was no more storage in the overhead bins and discovering upon arrival that my touch screen laptop was broken and not usable, I will now have one of these on my laptop!

  6. Portable chargers: Again, because you need that phone charged!!

  7. Hats: On travel days hats can help you skip hair styling and save time but still look semi-put together

  8. Compression socks: These are needed for those long flights to keep good blood circulation. On long flights this is a must!

  9. Plug converters: Must have for international travel. You gotta be able to charge your phone and computer, right?!

  10. Medication organizers: I pack anti-nausea, headache, migraine, and ALL the other medication for whatever comes my way during travel.

  11. Eye masks: I use heated ones! They are SO good for managing puffiness!

Additional Tips:

  • Choose outfits: I know, personally, I do not like this tip, BUT it will help manage what you bring and minimize overpacking.

  • Keep a toiletry bag packed and when items run out, replace them ASAP! Do not wait until it’s time to travel again to restock!

  • Bring a check bag: Keep this bag half empty so that you have something to pack your souvenirs and gifts in for your return home!

And finally… I just wanted to share where to get some of the items mentioned in the list, see their cost, and what I actually ordered for my travels. This is not at all sponsored, but I love it when I see blogs and videos with links to where I can get the cool items shown and mentioned!

Happy Shopping & Safe Travels!

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