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Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready!

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Travel Items and Tips to Make Packing and Preparing for Travel a Little Easier!

by Pamela L. Tippit, LPC-S

Over the past few years, I have done some extensive traveling for retreats both domestically and internationally. I have to say that before being a regular traveler I was that person who just threw ish in a bag and winged it. I quickly realized that this was not going to work for air travel (or really any type of travel 🙂). I am a quick study, so after a few mishaps…. think broken laptop screens, being pulled out of the TSA line for a complete and I mean complete search for having the wrong size sunscreen in my backpack, I'm here to help you avoid such a fate.

These tips can mean the difference between tolerable travel and excruciating, stressful travel experiences. Travel is stressful and tiring as is, making it as seamless as possible ensures that your anxiety stays low so that you can arrive ready for whatever your trip has in store for you!

Must-Have Travel Items That I Actually Tried and LOVED!

Here are several packing must-haves and lifesavers. I just wanted you to see where to get the items, see their cost, and what I actually ordered for my travels. This is not at all sponsored, but I love it when I see blogs and videos with links to where I can get the cool items shown and mentioned!

  • Travel plug adapters: Must haves for international travel!

  • Toiletry bag (this is a must! I keep it packed): This bag stays packed at all times. This way, when it is time to travel, I’m ready! When I get home from travel I restock everything that I used right way. This cuts down on forgetting things when it's go time.

  • Crossbody purse (I did not get this one, but one that looks a lot like it): This little bag comes in clutch for those long days of walking tours and outings.

  • Backpack: I haven’t tried a lot of backpacks. I didn't really need to after this purchase. This backpack has enough room for my laptop, everything out of my purse (believe me that is A LOT!), eye masks, toiletry bag, literally everything I need! Plus it has a charger and lock on it.

  • Packing cubes: I never travel without these anymore! These cubes help me keep my packing organized and help make the most out of the room in my luggage.

  • Compression socks: These are so cute! It makes preparing for a long flight not so bad! What are the benefits of compression socks?

1. They help deter potential blood clots.

2. They fight leg fatigue.

3. They prevent swelling.

4. They prevent varicose veins.

Things to know before purchasing compression socks: Per Dr. Bacheler, “The most important thing to look for is a compression sock that fits well. If a sock is too tight and uncomfortable, it is probably too small.

“Compression socks should be high quality; comfortable to wear; do not bunch up, which can cause blood flow restriction; or slide down, which indicates that they are too loose.”

  • Laptop cover: This is just in case they make you check your carry on at the last minute! Trust me! After over $1500 worth of screen damage, this is a must have to keep your laptop protected.

  • Self heating eye masks: These are the best! If I make a friend with the person sitting next to me on a flight, I will share one of these masks with them!

  • Medication organizers: I added TWO. Medication organizer one and medication organizer two. Depending on your personal needs, you may need one bigger or smaller. They have every type imaginable on Amazon! Be sure to have headache, stomach (especially anti-nausea and diarrhea), and cold/flu medication in your medication organizer at all times.

Other VIP (Very Important Prep) to Consider

  • Choose outfits: I know, personally, I do not like this tip, BUT it will help manage what you bring and minimize overpacking.

  • Keep a toiletry bag packed and when items run out, replace them ASAP! Do not wait until it’s time to travel again to restock!

  • Bring a check bag: Keep this bag half empty so that you have something to pack your souvenirs and gifts in for your return home! On my most recent trip, I purchased a carry-on-sized bag to check on the return home.

  • Make sure your carry-on keeps you ready: This just means that the carry-on needs to have at least 1-3 changes of clothes and underwear, toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, face wipes, deodorant, lotion and any other essentials you need to freshen up. Why? Just in case your bag is late or lost you are not completely out of luck.

  • Make notes and check them frequently before traveling: Things are very hectic while you are preparing to travel, especially if you are traveling abroad. I have found that making notes about when, where, and how things will happen and reviewing and studying them helps me do the mental prep needed, helps me remember what I'm supposed to do, and revise plans if needed.

  • Always bring something nice to wear and a bathing suit! You never know when there will be a need to dress up or hit the water!

And finally…Want to check out some of the pictures from my travels where each and every item listed above was used? Follow me on Instagram @blissfulmindbehavioralhealth and @uncommonbipoc

Happy shopping & Safe Travels!

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